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The Coven in Heels

Alone in her tower, a symbol of female self-sufficiency, roams the fierce mistress of an imposing attitude. She’s paved her way to her own prestige, her own success and her own status, by her powers and gifts alone. She controls her every action, creating her own destiny and influencing the lives of the ones she comes across.

The colors that define her describe the same passion: bloodred, intense black and pure white, seasoned with metallic accents that underline her boundless force. 

The Coven in Heels represents the modern woman, self-aware, confident, able to weave her own destiny, an important presence in the life of others, making an impression as she leaves the stage. Her attitude is comparable to the fierce and misunderstood women from the past, women perceived as maleficent, capable of reaching unearthly realms by her thoughts and actions. The Coven in Heels pays tribute to the powerful women, often mistaken for witches, whose elegance and virtue are often stigmatized in relation to femininity. 


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