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Shoe architect


Mihai Albu’s passion for object design and study was expressed from the first years of college. At a young age, the designer started his journey in the structured and rigorous world of architectural art. Ever since, each one of his collections has been a continuous display of sensual shapes. Sculpted in clean lines and whimsical structures, his creations have become synonymous with a unique and idiosyncratic style.

As an ambitious young architect, Mihai Albu had his projects displayed in world-class galleries, along with the works of renowned artists. It wasn’t long before his couture avant-garde creations aroused the interest of the international fashion community.

Featured in Vogue Magazine Italy and Shoegasm, the encyclopedic catalogue of shoe history, Mihai Albu’s creations have rapidly become favored by Hollywood celebrities and famous artists.

Mihai Albu’s first boutique in the ’90s marked his entry on the luxury brands market when he became affectionately known as “The Shoe Architect”. From exhibitions in Bucharest, London and Paris, to entering the international fashion markets in the US, Hong Kong, the UK and Japan, Mihai Albu’s brand rose to global fame. Currrently the designer keeps his craftsmanship alive as the company’s Creative Director.



Combining traditional shoe artistry and Romanian architectural savoir-faire, Mihai Albu sketches and designs sophisticated, feminine and ingenious collections for the modern independent woman.



Given his educational background and fascination for outstanding architectural styles and movements, including Deconstructivism, Art Noveau, Baroque or Rococo, Mihai Albu relies on proportions, lines refinement, functionality, organic and natural themes to tell a unique story with each creation.







" Good design begins in the here and now, but aims at the timelessness of geometry. Each pair of shoes is a reflection of my life: constructed chaos. "